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Motel Business is a  Family Endeavor

by Sarah Tsitso

“We are definitely having fun,” said Genevieve Lamb. “It’s work, but we’re working for ourselves now. There is pride in what we are doing.”

When the Lambs began construction in 1962 of an eight unit motel in Palmer, The Journal Register ran a news item to announce the plans. The article stated that “a new motel is due to open soon...about two miles east of town.” Once the first eight units were completed in 1962, Stanley Lamb and his family decided to add four more rooms, which were unveiled in 1964. The Lambs ran the business for approximately 20 years before it was sold to James Frederico. 

In 2001, the Lamb family happily re-claimed ownership of the Park Street business after Stanley R. and Genevieve Lamb bought the Wedgewood Motel back from Frederico. It was Stanley R. Lamb’s father and mother, Carolyn, who built the motel. 

“It feels really good to have the place back in the family.” Said Stanley R. Lamb. “We have been trying to buy it back for a few years now, and we finally came to an agreement with the owners.” 

Stanley R. Lamb, who lives with his family in what used to be his grandmother’s house behind the motel, said his grandmother owned about 14 acres of land in that area back in the 1950s. His father, Stanley Lamb, used a portion of that acreage to build the motel.   

When the Lambs bought the motel in November of 2001, they immediately went to work renovating the 12 rooms. 

“We’ve been cleaning and replacing things one room at a time,” said Genevieve Lamb. “Our prices are good, and this is a great place for family and friends to stay when they come to visit. I think our place is warm, comfortable, and quite.” 

Genevieve says that she really believes that people will see a change in the place once the rooms have all been re-done. 

“We’re really trying to liven the place up, and we have a lot of plans for the future,” she said. “But we have to go slow and take one thing at a time.” 

To help generate business and support the local community, the Lambs have recently joined the Quaboag Valley Chamber of Commerce, so their business name is now proudly displayed at the Palmer Mass Pike entrance. 

“We have a great location,” said Stanley R. Lamb. “We’re right here between Springfield and Sturbridge. Plus, our room rates are a lot more reasonable (than hotels and motels in other area towns)." 

The Wedgewood Motel boasts efficiency and family units as well as weekly rates. The rooms are all air conditioned and have central heat, both of which can be controlled within each individual room. 

Stanley R. Lamb said that he is excited about the motel’s prospects, and hopes to get his entire family involved in the business. 

This really is a family business,” he said. “I already have my two boys working for me.” 

He said he is happy they took ownership at a time of year when business is typically a little slow. 

“Now we have the time and opportunity to re-do the rooms and really see what the business can do,” said Stanley R. Lamb. “Next year people will see a big improvement around here. All the money we make is going right back into the place.” 

For the Lambs, owning the Wedgewood Motel is not necessarily about making money- it’s about family and enjoying their work. 

“We are definitely having fun,” said Genevieve Lamb. “It’s work, but we’re working for ourselves now. There is pride in what we are doing.”

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